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3 Things I’m Grateful for Today

Many of us may have lost something we consider valuable yesterday morning.  We may have lost faith in the electoral process. We may have lost faith in many of the people, places, and things we came to know along the way too.  Others of us may not have lost those things at all.  It's not really the point I'm trying to make here at all.  But maybe, for argument's sake, we simply lost something like a set of keys or God forbid our phone!  The point is that whether you lost something big or small, serious or not, significant or ridiculous, the feeling that comes along with it is never a good one.  It's a feeling that quickly shifts our mood and leaves us in a state of disbelief.  I think we can all agree, that whatever the loss may be, we will find ourselves losing faith in something — even if that something is just faith in our ability to simply hold on to stuff!  Here's what I find is most important in those moments —  that we remember to never lose faith in the Universe and its ability to bring us what we will need at the exact moment when we need it.  

The Universe, God, Spirit, a Higher Power — whatever you want to call it — something "out there" managed to find its way to me to bring me some peace "in here," inside myself, when I was all riled up because of external circumstances I felt I had no control over. Of course, in the moment, we often aren't paying close enough attention to notice it for what it is. We're oblivious to the gifts being offered to us until we pause to note them. That is, IF we ever pause to note & refelect.  Why do we miss it so often? Because these gifts of solace appear in the simplest of forms that seem small and insignificant. And that's exactly the thing – they ARE small things. Tiny little moments, gestures, acts of kindness, compassion, and smiles that all add up to what we need. Our brains are wired to focus on all the negative and quickly dismiss those gifts of happiness being shared with us. But they are there, if only we would look to see.

So after a long day when I was personally feeling upset and lost in my own despair, I paused, I looked, I listened, and I learned.  I learned that even on a bad day, when I make a choice to make room for gratitude, I will find that the Universe has not given up on me. The Universe has given me just what I need. Sadly, I was almost too numb to even notice any of it, but I'm so grateful that I managed to break through the chaos in my head and open myself to what was standing before me.  

When I really paused to look at it, I realized that I received countless gifts in my day of  so-called sadness and mourning over the Election yesterday. I was given love, compassion, random acts of kindness. I was given smiles and hugs.  I was given a chance to give all of those things to others too.  But here are just 3 of the very many things that made my day. 

3 Things I am Grateful the Universe offered me when I needed it most:

1. A shared cry on the subway with 2 strangers I will never know or see again.  It comforted me to know others felt like I did.  It reminded me that we are all different, but all the same.  And quite honestly, in retrospect afterwards, it gave me a good laugh to notice how funny an unguarded, genuine & authentic moment looks from the jaded lens of a New Yorker who has come to look on such things as 'corny' and 'unreal', like something out of a movie that would not happen in real life.  

2. A group text among my like-minded, kind-hearted, good-spirited peers, that last all day long – sharing, caring, supporting, and loving one another.  It reminded me that even when we can't be together physically, technology can be an incredible tool to bring us together.

3. An intro class on positive psychology.  Can you believe?  The Universe was so smart to offer me this final gift at the end of my day.  A pre-planned, scheduled on my calendar event, way before I knew how valuable it could be to me on that particular day.  The best part – feeling down & out, I almost didn't go, because I knew I could bail on it.  But something "out there" nudged me and said "Just go!"  It was clearly meant to be.  This brief overview of the program gave me the reminder I had needed all day long.  It reminded me that we all have the tools within us to shift our mood, to balance it all out when things aren't great, and to ultimately transform ourselves and others.  Thank you God!  I hear you loud and clear.  And I know you are always there routing for me, watching out for me, and sending me everything I need.  I just have to pay attention!