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3 Ways to Enjoy November Before it’s Over!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Happy November!  A new month is here! And what will most of us do?  We'll fly right through it complaining that time goes too fast, there aren't enough hours in the day, and we still can't get to everything we want to do. Make a conscious choice this month to stop this pattern. Follow this simple advice and enjoy November:

1. Stop doing things that don't matter. Sounds simple enough doesn't it? There are at least 3 things you do daily that aren't important and certainly keep you from what really matters to you. Take a moment to list these out right now. Is it spending 15-minutes scrolling thru your FB feed in the morning when you could make time for a quick yoga video instead? Is it getting caught up in yet another binge-watching craze on the couch when you  might connect with an actual human being on the phone or in person instead? Take some time to think about it. I'm sure there's lots to list. Remind yourself what matters EveryDay and let those other things slip away.

2. Practice gratitude every day. You may already do this. But do it more! We can never practice gratitude enough! Make it a habit to start your day by saying "Thank You" as your feet hit the floor out of bed each and every morning. Remind yourself to do this each morning until it becomes habit and routine. You may say something like "Thank you for another day on this earth. Thank you for the gift to simply get out of bed today." Whatever your individual practice, remind yourself to simply make a point to practice it EveryDay.

3. Schedule a play date with those you love. That's right, plan some fun! Of course there's nothing more 'fun' than a spontaneous get-together that brings us together. But we're approaching holiday season when things get even more hectic than usual. If we want to meet up with that old friend, or go to that museum exhibit, or check out that new restaurant, we have to plan it! Remind yourself to just put it on the calendar ahead of time.

Follow these simple steps for the month of November and get started on a new & wonderful month ahead!  Wishing you a happy month filled with love, light, health, beauty, safety, and all good things!  Happy November!