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7 Valentine’s Tips from a Muse…


Valentine's Day is not only for lovers, despite what the commercial holiday may have you believe.  It's actually much more than that.  So don't miss out on a chance to fully appreciate this day of Love:

1.  Love the Day – Take a moment to just appreciate that we dedicate a day on the calendar to celebrate LOVE.

2.  Love Friends – Call your friends to tell them how much you love having them in your life.

3.  Love Family – Even though it's understood, it can't hurt to make a special effort to say you are grateful for their presence in your life.

4.  Love Work – That's right.  Take a moment to love that you have work to do.  And if nothing else, love that work gives you money to spend.

5.  Love LOVE – Without love, how could you live?  

6.  Love Life – Remember how blessed you are to live, breathe, exist, be…

7. Love Yourself – Because you can.  Because you should.  You are perfect and loveable you!


~NY Muse