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Are You Afraid to Commit?

Always Awake Alive


Welcome New Year 2016!  In typical fashion, I find myself at my kitchen table.  All remains the same in the routine.  Lemon water.  Coffee.  Trail mix bar.  A peek out the window to see the birds across the street faithfully lined up & perched on the ledge of the synagogue.  A Course in Miracles reading, now on Lesson 94 today:  “I am as God created me to be.”  All is the same.  All is ok.  Yet all feels completely different as I do each of these things this morning.  I feel new.  I feel as though I’m truly looking out from a different lens at a view that is suddenly lit up in a new way.  All the same.  But everything is different.  It’s Day 1 of a New Year.  Everything seems new again.

So as usual again, I did what I always do:  I touched pen to paper.  And I let the words just come.  ALWAYS.  AWAKE.  ALIVE.  What was this?  I quickly realized that this is the new mantra for the new year.  It is an extension of my 2015 mantra of “Live Life on Purpose.”  And that’s exactly it — it’s never really been about resolutions for me.  It’s always about an extension & an expansion on what’s come before.  There must be a consistent path we’re moving towards, building on & accumulating as we go.  And so with that, I’ve decided on a few things that I will be committed to this year:

  1. LOVE/FORGIVENESS:  Learning to keep love front & center each day in all I do.  If love is present, fear is not.  I’m committed to remembering this EveryDay.  Forgiveness is a hard one.  I forgive myself and others EveryDay already.  I think.  I do.  But maybe I don’t.  Not really.  I’m just not sure.  So I’m committed to getting to the bottom of really figuring this out this year.  I forgive myself for not having the answer to it just yet.  See?  I’m already working on it!
  2. MY BLOG:  My blog is me.  It is who I want to be and what I want to share with the world.  I’ve already committed to keeping it up for what will be my 7th year now.  And it’s a part of me.  I want to do so much more with it.  So I’m committed to making it great!  And I’m committed to offering Inspiration & Ideas EveryDay.  Please join me & subscribe to be Inspired with me EveryDay!
  3. EXPANDING:  Opening up.  Expanding my view, myself, my learning, my knowing.  Expanding into all corners of my self fully to experience my true self & all I’m truly capable of being.
  4. SMILING:  Because the instant I put a smile on my face as I’m doing now, EVERYTHING SHIFTS.  Everything.  I’m lighter.  I feel joy.  The world seems less serious for a moment.  I can breathe.  And I’m lifted up into a puffy cloud of okay-ness.  I’m committed to smiling every chance I get — especially, when it seems like the most unlikely time to smile, because that’s when I’ll really need it.  Smile.  Smile.  Smile.
  5. LETTING GO:  Letting Go EveryDay of the old, unneeded, useless thoughts, ways of being, habits, ideas, and objects that no longer serve me.  Releasing it all and setting it free so I can be FREE to BE that ME that I need to BE.  In the end, I guess what I’m saying is letting go of fear, and replacing it with love.  Making room and clearing space in my head, heart, soul, and physical surroundings for all the goodness that’s just waiting to expand around me.  I’m committed to letting go to let all the good expand in me.
  6. PLANNING:  This one I love.  Let’s be honest, if you know me, you know I need a plan.  I am committed to planning stuff out.  I enjoy the details of planning anything from the simplest things like what subway route I’ll need to take, to planning a trip across the globe, to a planning a party, to planning an outing with friends.  Having no plan doesn’t seem to work well for me.  And while there are plenty of times that I am plan-less, and I get to enjoy the spontaneous and wonderful stuff that comes with that, I’ve come to know that ‘the plan’ brings me joy.  It’s something to look forward to.  A plan feels good.  So this year, I’m committed to making more concrete plans in all areas of my life.  I’m committed to drifting less, planning more.
  7. PREPARATION:  I guess this one is really just still planning.  The act of preparing in advance keeps me feeling somewhat in control of ‘something’ while I’m completely aware that I’m really in control of nothing.  Unprepared = Stress.  I want peace.  I commit to prepare in advance when I can.
  8. THE WORK:  The bottom line is that it all adds up to doing the work each and every day.  Getting to my best self and being able to share that with others.  Learning, reading, writing, listening, talking, and walking.  Even just breathing.  Exercising my mind, body, and spirit daily in some way.  And saying THANK YOU to the Universe each step of the way, each day I rise & am blessed to see another day – A New Day.  Today & EveryDay.  I’m committed to doing the work each day so I can be Light, Joy, and Peace to myself and to the world.

Happy New Year 2016 to all of you!  I hope that you will be ALWAYS.  AWAKE.  ALIVE.

What are you committed to this year?  What’s your plan?  Please share.  You know I love a good plan!