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  • Pray for Miracles…

    "Prayer is the medium of miracles.  It is a means of a communication of the created with

  • Dismissed as Coincidence?

    Do you believe there are no accidents or coincidences in the universe?  Why or why not? ~NY Mu

  • Today & EveryDay…

    Just one day after reporter Alison Parker was killed on Live TV, I listen to her boyfriend Chris Hur

  • How to Create a Beautiful Future…

    Today & EveryDay:  Make a deliberate choice to do something that prepares you for a beauti

  • How to Get Wet in the Rain…

    Rainy day in October.  It looks dreary and messy out there, doesn't it?  Kind of makes

  • How To Get to Your Maximum Potential…

    To reach your maximum potential, everything in your life must be aligned around it.  That mean