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Facebook Status Update: Day 9

Yes, it's been 9 long days since I left and learned that there is still life after FB.  But FB misses me!  I know because it sent me an email yesterday telling me so.  It told me that I had notifications waiting, that friends had sent me messages, and that this one & that one had posted updates that I may want to see. I guess FB has "noticed" that I've been gone.  At least someone has noticed!

I guess that's what we all want when we log on to FB in some way: to be noticed.  And our social need to feel validated and included too drives our FB use even further.  I guess that's why it really is hard to step away from it all.  Not to mention, the fact that FB will find you and tempt & taunt you with emails about all the good stuff you're missing!

Truth:  I've missed FB a little too.  On Saturday, I posted a photo to Instagram, which is really not so different than posting one to FB.  It had been awhile since I'd posted anything, and I had that urge to tell people where I was and what I was doing.  But as soon as I'd posted, I actually felt sort of 'dirty' for doing it.  So no more posting photos there for a bit either, I think.  As for FB, at the prompt of the FB email, I did  very quickly log into my messages yesterday just to see if something 'critical' may be waiting.  Nothing 'critical' was there, though there was a message from my cousin in Greece, who likely was unaware that people in America do crazy things like go on FB hiatus.  Other than that, I didn't look at any other FB stuff.  I quickly signed off as if someone was chasing me down, not even staying long enough to reply to the message.