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May I?  Yes, You May…


Happy May!  A new month filled with new magic & new possibilities!  And this May begins on a Monday, a new start to a new week as well!

I always get excited about the start of a new month, because it's a reminder that I have a chance to begin again.  I can refresh, reset, and re-start anything I've been working on.  I can set new goals for the month ahead.  And it's a choice I make.  Instead of focusing my energy on what didn't hapen last month, I have a choice to put my energy forward.  Instead of dwelling on what I didn't do, I can choose to give it another go again.  A new month offers me hope. And it should remind us all to continue to hope for new chances, new beginnings, and new magic on our journey! 

May your month of May be filled with hope, love, light and Miraculous stuff!  

May you remember you have a choice to start each and every day new again!

Make it a Magical & Miraculous May!