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No, Really…Put It In the God Box

God BoxIt's one thing to advise others to create a God Box, and it's yet another thing to actually do it yourself.  So I decided I must practice what I preach, both for you & for me.  And I'm so glad that I finally did!  It wasn't the first time, but it's just that the last time was so many years ago,    I'd really lost touch with how truly great an exercise it really is. 

Now it's also one thing to read about it (as you're doing now) and quite another for you to actually decide to do it too.  I bet you'll likely just read about this God Box idea and think "that's a nice idea" and leave it at that.  But I promise you the benefits are worth more than the 10 minutes you think you don't have to do this little exercise.  Why?  Because the physical act of sitting down to write out all of your worries and concerns will really bring them out & release them – both out on paper and out of your mind that's been holding on to this worry with such fierce intensity.   

I should also add that you don't have to believe in God to create a God Box.  In fact, you can call it whatever you want: Universe Box, Spirit Box, Angel Box, Whatever Box.  It really doesn't matter.  What matters is that this box is the equivalent of giving up your concerns to 'someone else' to resolve.  In effect, you're offering out your worries to this 'someone' and asking him/her to just 'deal with it' for you!  Doesn't that sound great? (Instructions on how to do this here).

So, I did it.  This morning I cut strips of paper up and started to write out all of my worries & concerns, releasing them to the Universe to take care of.  14 strips of paper later, I felt adequately unburdened, having asked the Universe to deal with it so I can just go on with my life – worry-free, carefree, anxiety-free…for now, of course.  And as time goes on, my box will now be there for me to add to it as I feel the need.  Release.  Let go.  Move on.  That's what it's all about.  Will you try it out?  I hope you will.  And I hope you'll share what the experience was like for you!