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NYC Nail Clippers

Seriously?  Nail clipping on the subway?  Is it a trend that’s starting to happen in greater frequency lately?  Or am I just the lucky one who happens to notice it all the time? 


It’s not a new phenomenon really.  When you’ve been a rider of the NYC subway system for as long as I have, then you’ve come to know and expect certain things about your subway experience.  One of which is that there will always be someone clipping his nails.  (And note that I do say ‘his’ purposely, because I've only ever seen a ‘he’ clipping.)


Aside from the very obvious fact that it’s a disgusting, odd, and incredibly rude thing to do in public, I just cringe at the thought of that clip-clip-clip sound clipping through the subway car!  Eeek!!!!  Don’t they get it?  Doesn’t it occur to these people that it’s just not cool? 


Well, I decided to try to do some research on this – see if anyone else is also thinking about this disturbing-subway-phenomenon.  Google at first only brought up something on nail clippers on a plane.  This thought is possibly even more disturbing than the train clippers.  But perhaps that topic can be explored more fully at another time. So finally, I found something on it – a story from another subway rider who really captured the experience so well, really making me laugh.  Oh, and this rider was also witness to a ‘She’ clipper, which I guess totally kills my theory of it always being males.  So, I share his post with you.  Enjoy!


SO, what is the inspirational lesson in all of this you may ask?  Well, I will tell you.  As soon as I think of it.  But maybe there’s nothing more to be learned here than to remember to practice proper etiquette….or more likely, that most people just need to learn what that really means!   


In the meantime, NYMuse invites you to come to your own conclusions about this & feel free to comment and share your own stories.