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I am a native New Yorker, writer, and positive psychology coach who is passionate about helping others find ways to positively improve their everyday lives.  I’m also a home chef with a passion for cooking healthy & delicious food that’s good for the body & soul!  And a cookie fan & baker of sweet treats!

I love travel, cooking, philosophy, spirituality, health, wellness, psychology and, of course, all things NY!  Fascinated by psychology and the mind-body connection, in 2017, I completed a certificate in Applied Positive Psychology, based on the pioneering work of Martin Seligman, PhD.

Driven by a passion to share ideas, insights & wisdom, I created a site where I can do just that — promote positivity, health, well-being, and an inspired life. I believe we all already have an infinite well of Inspiration & Ideas within us. But at times, we just need someone to infuse us with that spark to get things going…

The magic of a Muse is how she finds ways to channel inspiration more prominently into everyday life. NYMuse strives to share thoughts and recommend ways we can all positively improve our everyday lives – from tips & advice on how to create good habits & routines in our daily lives, to many more things to come as this blog continues its own growth & transformation and the Muse herself finds inspiration from all of you. So let’s all Invoke the Muse and continue to learn, grow, and develop into our best selves EveryDay!


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