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Your Presence is Requested on the Page

Happy Saturday!

A new day begins with my usual routines.  Morning pages.  Morning coffee.  Purpose.  Peace.  Positivity.  All intentions as I begin my day & continue to move forward today.

I haven’t felt the need or had as much of a desire to keep writing daily.  When that happens, I’m automatically pulled back to an old thought:  “I must be feeling more OK and aligned with where I am at the moment.”  It’s a familiar response in my head to my old ways of thinking about journaling – that I’m only writing when things aren’t ok.

As hard as I try to let go of that idea, my mind is still in the habit of going there from time to time.  The habit of thinking I’m only writing when things are wrong.  How wrong I was about that.  But I guess because that’s how I began journaling early on, it’s what I associated with it. I made the mistake of believing the desire to write could never be a good sign.

Thankfully, over time, I realized that writing wasn’t bad or the ‘enemy’ but instead a trusted friend that could join me for all occasions in life.  I started to trust that the page is always a good place to be.  I let it become familiar and routine.  I opened up to create a relationship with the page that is now the most welcome of habits and routines.  Practice.  Persistence.  Patience.  And Presence on the page. 

The best way to start a journey is with just a single step.  It’s the same thing with a journey to journal.  Write today.  Then tomorrow.  Then the next day.