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  • How can we react differently?⁣

    Do you ever notice a change in just a split second from feeling OK to being angry?

  • Just Give Up Trying!

      I read something over the weekend about how important it is to eliminate the wor

  • A Gift for You!

      THE PRESENT Three Ways To Use Your Present Moments ~ Spencer Johnson, M.D.     &

  • The Path to Inner Peace & Happiness can be Enriched by Memories

      Open a photo album and look back on some of the wonderful moments in your life.  Your

  • Neat Idea: Put it in a Book!

    If you're as obsessed as I am about keeping your home clutter free (or at least keeping the clut

  • NYMuse’s Random Guide to Life

      Positive.  Practical.  Quick.  Easy.  Real.  Stuff for EveryDa