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All Stress Begins with One Negative Thought

"All Stress Begins with one negative thought.  One thought that went unchecked, and then more thoughts  came and more, until stress manifested.  The effect is stress, but the cause was negative thinking, and it all began with one little negative thought.  No matter what you might have manifested, you can change it…with one small positive thought and then another."  — The Secret,pg 127

Every day, I open The Secret to a random page and see what I land on.  It never ceases to amaze me that every time I do it, it actually works.  It actually tells me exactly what I need to hear, exactly what makes sense for me in that moment in time.  I invite you to try it yourself.

So back to this point about stress and that one negative thought.  It is true.  I woke up this morning thinking I had nothing to do, no concrete plans that would give my day purpose.  It was a negative thought.  It made me stress that it was a beautiful day out, and I had no plan in mind.  I'd just be stuck indoors wasting away while a whole world out there waited for me.  I was going down a winding path that was most likely leading in a very negative direction if I let it.  But I decided to turn it around:  I was going to "plan my day in advance" (another Secret tip).  I  decided I wanted to do dinner & a movie.    So I purposefully put it out there into the universe — I emailed a bunch of friends to see who might bite….and voila!  Few hours later, plans are made!