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How to Get Wet in the Rain…

figure-07Rainy day in October.  It looks dreary and messy out there, doesn't it?  Kind of makes you want to stay home curled up on the couch.  Call in sick.  Avoid the day.  

But EveryDay is a gift.  No matter how happy or sad it looks out there, it's a new day.  And it's all yours. Make the most of it in whatever way you can.  

Steer clear of all the negative talk about what an 'inconvenient' day it will be in the rain.  Because if that's where your focus is, that's exactly the kind of day you'll get.  Adjust your view, and make a different choice:  Be ok with it.  Maybe even have some fun with it!  Put on your rain boots & jump in the puddles!  Go for it!