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Take Me To The Water…


Summer is officially here.  And it's off to a hot start!  And just about now, we'd all love to be at the beach — sand in our toes, salt-air breeze on our face, calm view of endless blue sea & sky….

The beach is a favorite summer place where our body & mind can go to cool off, refresh & recharge.   Take a few moments to visualize the experience of being at the beach.  Use all your senses:  Feel the warmth of the sun on your body, taste the salt water on your tongue, hear the sound of the surf, touch the sand with your fingers, smell the salty air & suntan lotion, see the blue sea & sky all around you…

Are you there yet?  Even if you don't have the luxury of physcially getting to the beach today, you can still travel there in mind.  Enjoy a beach day EveryDay this summer!

~NY Muse