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Today & EveryDay…

Just one day after reporter Alison Parker was killed on Live TV, I listen to her boyfriend Chris Hurst bravely stand in front of the camera to speak about who she was and the wonderful life he shared with her over the last 9 months.  He said that they did so many things together during this time, enjoying experiences, taking pictures, creating memories.  And he was so grateful, in all his pain, to still have this.  He stressed that just as they did together, we should all remember to do the same in our lives with our loved ones – "Celebrate it, Enjoy it, Document it, Share it."

Today & Everyday:  Don't delay another moment.  Get out there with whoever you're lucky enough to have in your life — a friend, a spouse, a parent, a child…and Celebrate it, Enjoy it, Document it, Share it! 

~NY Muse