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How to *Feel* at Home with Yourself…





"There's no place like home."  That is, until you have to be at home with yourself for long periods of time.  In some ways, I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve actually enjoyed this period of enforced isolation. In saying that, I know that I am fortunate.  Many of us are simply getting a glimpse of dystopia, while others are truly living it.  

But whether you’re isolating at home or out there everyday on the front lines, you may have noticed that you’re spending a lot more time "at home" in your own head recently.  I know that for me, now more than ever, it feels impossible to escape the endless loop of thoughts in my head.  And sitting with yourself?  It isn’t always easy, is it?  

But there are ways we can find comfort in the moments we’re alone, even if "enjoying" solitude doesn't come naturally.  Some of what helps me do that is the habits I’ve put in place over years.  Simple & routine stuff, but it’s proving to be very beneficial to my state-of-mind:

  • Journal. Spend 5-10 minutes every day writing freeform.  Pen & Paper, the old-fashioned way really helps connect your soul to the writing that will flow out.  Morning is the best time to do this.  Julia Cameron's Morning Pages is what I do.
  • MeditateThis is one of the absolute best things you can do for your mental health.  It doesn’t have to be hours on end, and you don’t need a special room or chair or cushion.  Just close your eyes for a few minutes each day and breathe.  Nothing could be more simple. 
  • Move Your BodyThe endorphin rush you get from exercise can be invaluable for managing stress, improving your mood and even boosting your immunity. If you can safely go outside while you exercise, that’s even better.  Taking a brisk walk each day is crucial for your mind and body.  If you can’t get out, try this 10-minute yoga video I’ve been doing for years.  Yes, the same one for years!  And no, I don’t get bored of it. 
  • Seek other sources of connection. Reach out to friends and relatives for a phone call or a zoom call.  Text a friend to see how they’ve been holding up this week. 

Your challenge this weekendThe next time you find yourself alone or caught up in your thoughts, don’t get overwhelmed and lost in the chaos of your mind.  Pause.  Notice.  Snap out of it!  And see if you can use it as an opportunity to make another choice. 

Take a few deep breaths. And ask yourself: How am I doing? What do I need right now? What can I let go of in this moment?

There's no place like home.  And you deserve to feel at home with yourself. Find what creates that feeling for you.  And most importantly, make it habit & routine in your everyday life. 

Stay healthy & safe. Sending you love & virtual hugs!